Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Faith is

So on kings day in the Netherlands. I took some time out to cycle in the countryside. I'd only had a few hours sleep, but I really wanted to use the sunny afternoon to pursue a possibility of renting somewhere for the project.

I have seen from the train, a horse barn with a rental sign. But I'm never quick enough to catch the number. So I cycled through the next village in the direction that I thought it might be.

I could not find it. And to make things worse.. My picnic of cola and fresh figs was not such a clever idea with no toilet for miles.

But on the quirky cycle home. I found somewhere amazing. Shining with possibilities. An arena and stables for the equine assisted therapeutic project
But also extra buildings for a creative project. Its always been the vision to connect the two.

So I took note. The amount of money asked is on an unrealistic level. I do not have a large wage. Shit, I can't afford health insurance... But I asked a lady at the church.. Is even cheeky to pray for this facility. No said she.. There are always possibilities.. If its recognised to be in gods hands..

So today. I phoned for an appointment (I am going to view it with the lady who is my mentor) the man on the phone relayed the price with hesitation.. My head was exclaiming flying fecks.. But sounding in complete control (and hopefully a mirror of complete faith)..

Oh yes. That will be fine.

Tyrese Gibson Speaking on Faith in the Invisible:

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