Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Epiphany project update

Today I went to look at a property classified for sale. At the moment I have 54 euros in my pocket.

Finding this dream place felt quite god-led. I'd been looking for another place to rent for the equine-assisted therapy project. But instead found this.

So I went in with a tinge of worry whether I'm on the right path with this. I'm being reminded to be pragmatic. And to be realistic. Its a fine line between being confident in stepping towards your dream and being realistic. And its a balance I'm still trying to perfect.

We had a look around the old dutch farmhouse. And around the wonderful stables, manege and land. And I then explained to the estate agent that I was really more interested in the land than the house.  His answer was wonderfully reasoned and calm. That he would check with the owner about the possibilities and arrange a meeting between us.

I entered the appointment with bittersweet mix of hope and doubt.  And I came out feeling like I'd had my first tranzam.

Jacha drove me home afterwards.. Well we'll just have to see what the meeting brings.. Let her see all your vision books.. EverythingAnd for the rest.. We pray.

I am looking for ways to finance the following

Two highland ponies

Possible rent to buy contract of stalls, manege and fields.

Renovation of outhouse building to provide a function room in which therapy can be reflected on. Where Tellington Touch programs can be taught, where people with burnout can take time out to recuperate.

And my own further education in Tellington touch, Eagala advanced accreditation, and the Horse boy technique(for autistic children)

I am looking for Angel investment. Or simply people who are inspired to help me and the horses help others.

I Am because We Are.  Love.

If you would like to invest in this project, or find out more details of what I'm doing, please feel free to email me at

Thank you

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