Monday, 24 June 2013


It has started. The lead up to sinterklaas. The debate on zwarte piet. A couple of years ago a friend wrote a good overview and view of why changes to zwarte piet should be made. He said that posters of zwarte piet in the uk are of children au natural. Children who dont look like golliwogs. Golliwogs were dolls who also caused controversy in their time. They were removed as mascots from robinsons jam circa 1987ish. Im queen of vague, but it if you want to check it further. Wiki will help you out. Truth is i have lived in different cities in holland, and i never felt so much division as i have in amsterdam. So please god, let amsterdam be an arena for healing, an arena for forgiveness, on all sides. And arena for unity.

I am TIRED of them, and us, and us versus them. When in the end, we are all an US. I heard an interview from an nigerian-american about her new book. The interviewer asked whether she felt more nigerian or american, her words ammounted to this. Well, at the point that you ask this question, my feeling is of just being me. There is fine line between being rooted in history and culture,and living and being in the here and now.

The truth is that zwarte piet has to change his appearance. The truth also is that the sinterklaas party, and festive vibes that zwarte piet brings is joyful, and when times are testing, then everybody needs joy. Thats a truth.

But of course as debate rises there will of course be defensiveness on both sides. Should the change come this year, then there should also be a thread of forgiveness woven in exchange.

I got upset in the last weeks that id encouraged creative projects, and likelihood not be involved, and forgotton by creative egos. It made me question who is on my team, and to whose team i belong. But when i look at humanity now, its becoming so ugly that im glad my team is small, and that im glad im free of those teams id previously hoped to be in. By walking independently i can stay free from us and them, and hope one day when every superficial difference is abolished, and we are simply us.

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