Monday, 2 December 2013

Come as you are

Its my sisters birthday tomorrow, I've put a national plee for reminders.  My brothers bithday is in march, and this year with money being a bit short, I made something with what I had. A sort of graffiti design ripped from a magazine and collaged. Sent on time too which is pretty amazing.

A few weeks later I was skyping with my sister. We're spread out siblings see, my brother .ikes scottish rivers to kayak on, and long standing mates to go for a drink with when the sport is done for the day.  I like the daylight and big skies in the netherlands, and for its flaws in society under scrutiny at the moment, its been accepting and supportive of my sensitivity.

My sister lives with her family in sicily. She was always more of the traveller, the thought of routine freaked her out. She was away for most family christmasses, and the ones she was around for, she'd phone me in panic asking if I knew any homeless orphans we could invite to make the event a little more interesting.

She was in love with Ecuador, and lived there on and off for a few years. Her fallout with religion came from volunteering in a Guatamalan orphanage. Where it was thought any proceeds were spent on the directors dog. I heard half of dads phonecall with her try not to kick the dog.. its not his fault..

It wasn't just church. My sister from early childhood expressed detest for organised group activities, she's extremely extrovert but her attitudes do reflect the offbeat and quirky friends she has.

I took charlotte to a party of hers once. And we came in on a lubricated opinion, ohh I hate catholics.. you're not catholic are you? ..turning to charlotte, who is very diligent to her faith..yes.

But she has this ability to deliver the most tactless opinion in the most charismatic and humourful way. And in that way, I've seen friends reflect on these hard truths and take it with a smile.  Mary, a lovely friend of mine is vegetarian. Unaware of this sister dear, well.. aach vegetarians, they're just so grippyGrippy, a scottish way of meaning over particular. Mary, who could be snippy, just laughed.. we are..

So getting back to the skype session,  we always check between us to see if atleast one of us has remembered a family birthday. We'd both remembered our brothers. And since matthews is in march and pips was all the way back december, I was in full false sense of security.

Yes mum was saying how nice you're card was.. and home made too!
I just think that's wonderful!

Aww shucks I think, how to take praise humbly I wonder.. shortlived I find..

..and I just think its wonderful that you take the time to make it, and post it. When  NOT ONE OF YOU remembered MY birthday!!

So yeah, if you can remind me tomorrow that it's Pips birthday, that would be great.

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